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2019 YT Soap Collab: Wonderland - Winter Couture Body Soap - Making and Cutting

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I recently joined the YouTube Soap Collaboration. Our theme for the winter is Wonderland. I am not a cold weather winter person. When I developed my soap my thoughts, if I was in a Winter Wonderland what would I wear. If I am going to be cold, I might as well be fashionable. I did a scan on YouTube for the latest fashions for the 2019-2020 season. Then I saw it! "The Fendi Collection". The colors were white, cooper, silver and gold. I absolutely loved the colors. and attempted to pattern my soap around this color scheme. . My colors morphed. Each soaper I had to include in their project some type of milk and glitter.

This is an International Collaboration, there are more than 80 Soapers globally located in different time zones. Videos will be uploaded at different times. Please stop by again to see the new uploads.

Click #2019YTSoapCollabWonderland to see all the global talent.

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Soap will be available on Dec 31, 2019
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