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2stroke4me's Super Epic Awesome Legendary Wholesome RC Action Video! (With Music)

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Slow motion action parts from some of my finest RC car footage.

Link to the video without music: [ссылка удалена]

Car specs and time stamps:
Car: Traxxas Nitro Buggy (Graupner Victra) from 1997. 0:22
Engine: Traxxas TRX Pro .15.
Front tires: standard Traxxas.
Rear tires: Graupner semi-paddle tires.
Bodyshell: Lexan Sand Scorcher.
Steering servo: Graupner C512.
Throttle/brake servo: Acoms AS-12.
Receiver: Graupner 40 mHz.
Battery pack: Graupner 4,8V.
Exhaust is handmade.
Flywheel and clutch shoes are handmade.
Weight: 1,695 kg

Car: Graupner Impuls 2WD. 2:02
Engine: O.S. RG (P)-X .21 (original but with new bearings)
HPI R5 glowplug and HPI 20% fuel.
Electronics: original Graupner C4041 steering servo, C512 throttle/brake servo, slow for today's standards.
Graupner JR C4-X SSM 40 mHz transmitter and receiver.
Spurgear is original plastic (never been replaced) without slipperclutch.
Clutch is an original 3 shoe with original clutchbell.
Rear differential is an optional Thorsen, filled with 100wt, and very rare.
Shocks are original upgraded ones.
Original expansion exhaust, no muffler (not race legal).
Original carbon fiber brake disk (optional).
Front tires are original HoBao. Wheels are homemade.
Rear wheels: Schumacher Rev-Lites and tires are Schumacher Spirals.
Total weight is 3.140 kg.

Car: Kyosho (Graupner) Baja Body. 3:55
Engine: Restored Veco .21 from 1983.
Chassis: Twin beam at the front and twin vertical stainless steel plates at the rear.
Suspension: Front and rear trailing arms.
Clutch: Homemade with original springs.
Drumbrake with homemade brake pad.
Ball differential.
Production year: 1983.
Weight: 3,383 kg.

Car: Kyosho Rowdy Baja Circuit 20. 5:31
Engine: O.S. Max .21VF.
Futaba FP-122 JE 27 mHz receiver.
Futaba S3003 steering servo.
Futaba S3003 throttle/brake servo.
Ball differential in cast aluminium oil filled gear box.
Welded alluminium roll cage.
Weight: is 3,550 kg.

Car: HPI Savage 4.6 SS. 6:19
Engine: Picco P3 .28 (4,6cc).
Chassis: Twin Vertical Plates.
Wheels and tires: Original HPI with original Dirt Bonz tires.
Bodyshell: Proline Baja Bug.
Spurgear: Steel HPI.
Differentials: Upgraded HPI, filled with 7000wt diff oil.
Weight: 4,866 kg.

Car: 1st Generation HPI RS4 Nitro. 7:30
Engine: O.S. Max .15 CV-X
Exhaust: HPI tuned pipe.
Alloy parts: HPI and GPM.
Drive belts: Tough Racing kevlar reinforced.
Bodyshell: Tamiya (Honda Raybrig NSX JGTC).
HPI Carbon fiber shock towers and upper chassis.
HPI 2-speed.
Tamiya alloy servo mounts.
Graupner fuel filter (1650.1)
Home-made polycarbonate underbody with integrated rear diffuser.
Home-made belt tensioner.
Weight: 1,736 kg. (1,700 kg with Tamiya dish wheels).

Car: HoBao (Graupner) HyperStar (2012). 8:19
Engine: Modified NovaRossi N21B Pullstart Buggy Engine (2009) with 7mm intake restrictor.
Exhaust & header: Ansman (EFRA 2041).
JVD 4 shoe clutch and vented 14T clutchbell.
Wheels & tires: AKA Moto medium compound on AKA Evo wheels.
Futaba brushless steering servo (BLS451).
Futaba throttle and brake servo (S3305).
Futaba FHSS 2.4 gHz radio system.
HPI R5 glowplug.
Byron 25% fuel.
Aluminium chassis braces front and rear.
Shock oil front 35WT, rear 30WT with original springs.
Diff oil front 7000WT, center 5000WT, rear 3000WT.
Original swaybars.
Weight: 3,5 kg.

Car: Graupner Impuls 2000 4WD. 9:20
Engine: O.S. Max RG (P)-X .21 with O.S. Super Air Cleaner air filter.
Glow plug: O.S. R5.
Fuel: Byron 25%.
Servos: Graupner JR C577.
Receiver: Graupner JR B4 SSM 40mHz.
Wheels: Schumacher Rev-lites with Schumacher Spirals (yellow).
Weight: 3,440 kg.

Car: Tamiya Sand Scorcher (Re-release edition). 11:04
Motor and electronic speed control are stock.
Receiver: Prafa Excel 2 AM 27 mHz.
Steering servo: GWS IQ-610MG
Homemade front and rear wheelwells, floorpan, dashboard, parcel shelf, safety net, front bumper with skidplate, complete exhaust system and protective side view mirror cages.
Tamiya NiCad 7,2V 1700 mAh battery pack. Resoldered from stickpack to hump pack.
The LED kit is from Graupner, the tail light internal reflectors are homemade.
Engine is 3-D printed.
Weight: 1,898 kg (2,251 kg with battery pack).

Car: Hong Nor (Ofna, T2M, Protech) Ultra MBX. 12:36
Engine: GS R25MT (4,1cc).
Wheels and tires: Hong Nor wheels with Medial Pro Pulsar tires.
Diff oil: Front 7000wt, center 5000wt, rear 3000wt.
Weight: 3,662 kg.

Car: Graupner Radicator 2 (Traxxas Bandit) (1990's). 14:09
Motor: Sapphire 17 turn single.
Wheels and bodyshell: Original Graupner.
Front tires: Standard Traxxas.
Rear tires: Graupner semi-paddle tires.
Receiver: Graupner: Graupner 40 mHz.
Steering servo: Acoms AS 12.
ESC: LRP AI Runner.
Shock caps: Red anodized Traxxas.
Steering bellcranks: Red anodized Traxxas.
Weight: 1,259 kg (15,99 kg with a 3000mAh NiMh battery pack).

Music: [ссылка удалена]

Link to my Pinterest page: [ссылка удалена]
Enjoy and please rate and/or comment!
Please contact me if you want to use this video or parts of it!

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