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Sewing hacks that safe your old items

Hey guys, even though the art of sewing seems complicated, once you get the hang of it, it can be life-saving. You can repurpose old items and into new ones, sew your clothes to make them fit you better and even decorate your clothes. So, in this video I show you some interesting fashion hacks that you’ll love.
- I show you how to use embroidery thread to shorten your jeans in a very decorative way.
- I show you how create brilliant embroidery patterns on your clothes to hide tears and stains. This way you’ll save them and not throw them away.
- I show you how to make a knot at then end of the thread with your needle to keep your sewing thread steady.
- I show you a secret way to fix a tear on the sides of your jeans so that no-one will notice.

1:11 – How to hide a tear in a fabric
1:37 – Amazing daisy with a pearl embroidery art
3:14 – Embroidery heart tutorial
3:54 – How to fix a tear in your shoes
7:45 – Embroidery rainbow
9:12 – How to find your fit in clothes
10:58 – DIY V-neck shirt
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