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5 easy jewellery life hacks | DIY | 5 min craft | hand made jewelry making | #284

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5 easy jewellery life hacks | DIY | 5 min craft | hand made jewelry making | #284.

Aari Embroidery Online/Direct Classes : Please call/whatsapp to 9092331668 .

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About this Channel :

This channel provide you best tutorial for for Aari Work, Sewing Training, Hand Embroidery, Rangoli Art, Making of silk thread earrings, Silk Thread Necklace, Silk Thread Bangles, Silk Thread Jewellery, Canvas paper earrings, Multiple Crochet Works, Variety of Paintings, Quilling Works, Terracotta, Bridal jhumkhas, Studs, Cooking, Flower Veni Making, Beauty Tips, Mehndi Tutorials and 5 Minutes DIY Projects with best Quality and easy understanding.

About Me :

My name is Dhivya Vijay, Founder and Head Designer of Dhivya Arts and Crafts. I am from Chennai. I have been making arts & crafts for the past 17 years. It was a hobby during my school days, which I converted it to a successful business opportunity. I have been doing this business right from start till today at my home. I never rented or bought a separate store for this business. I do everything at home.

I found an opportunity with the boom in technology, where I started taking online classes and direct classes. Worldwide people reach out to me for online classes who couldn’t come in person to learn the arts and crafts specially aari works. People reach me out through my social handles on Facebook and YouTube channel.

Through my classes, many housewives were benefited, and they started their own business in this field. There is a huge opportunity in Arts and Crafts. I feel immensely proud of my students who were successful in this business.

I have earned many achievements. Recently i received India’s Best Arts & Crafts Classes Award 2019, Natchatra Award 2019 . Earlier i have achieved Guinness World Records (Two times 2016 & 2017) .

Future plans for Dhivya Arts and Crafts is to expand and diversify my skills and provide a lot of opportunities for housewives and working professionals who are passionate about this field.

Any queries and comments are welcome. We are reachable on our website and social handles “Dhivya Arts and Crafts” and WhatsApp at +91-9092331668.

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