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6 Tips for Sewing with Clear Vinyl by The Crafty Gemini

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• In this video tutorial I share with you my tips for sewing with clear vinyl. I talk about vinyl weight & thickness and it's importance in your projects. I also share with you what needle size & type works for my clear vinyl projects. I show you how I sew with clear vinyl on a semi-industrial sewing machine and on a computerized sewing machine as well as handy troubleshooting tips and even how to make your own teflon presser foot if you don't have that specialty foot for your machine.

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You can find me on social media at:

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If you make any projects from my tutorials and post them online feel free to tag me using the hashtag: #craftygemini

If you enjoyed the video gimme a thumbs up and let me know if you have any other handy tips for sewing with clear vinyl in the comments below! Thanks for watching and happy sewing!

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