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9 to 1 dot Fish on Lotus Rangoli || Meen mattrum Lotus Kolam || Cheppalu and Lotus Muggulu

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Kolam / Muggulu is the Indian tradition to decorate the entrance of the house early in the morning. It is a kind of welcoming the goddess Lakshmi in to the house. It is also consider as the good exercise for ladies.

This video shows you how to develop 9 to 1 dot Fish on Lotus Rangoli / Muggulu / Kolam. You can develop your own design with the basic ideas shown in this video.

While making the Kolam they will be bend and un-bend several times, which will be good for their back bone. There is no special course to learn the muggulu. With the basic practice the ladies will design their own Kolam / Muggulu. In North part of India it will be called as Rangoli. The rangoli is a little different from Kolam and Muggulu. For rangoli there will not be any dots and they can draw even drawings and colour them. Kolam and Muggulu will be having the dots and those have to be connected properly to finish the beautiful Kolam.

Like drawing this is also an art. If one having interest only can form different designs. There many easy designs for begineers. Kolam is the major part in the month of Margali. The whole month will be colourful. While the month ends we will be having Sankrathi / Pongal. The Pongal kolam will create the YouTube viewers gone mad as everyone will start publishing their creative designs and request for likes to show their design is best. But all together every design will be great in its own style.

Come let us start with the basic styles and from which you can have your own creative designs. Please note that the Kolam designs are for the beginners only.

If you like the design like the video and want to learn more design techniques please subscribe to our channel Spice and craft.
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