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Amazing Handmade Tool WITH NUT BOLT Ceiling Fan Bearing Removing Puller

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When it is necessary to get the bearing out of the one-sided hole, then the usual puller here is indispensable. For these purposes, you can make a homemade tool, the design of which allows you to easily and without much effort to press out bearings of different diameters from the blind holes. To make such adaptation it is possible from a bolt or hairpin M12 with a nut.

Then screw the nut on the bolt, and between the two halves insert a piece of strip or plate, cut from the profile pipe. In the strip you need to drill a hole of the same diameter as in the body of the bolt. Now the self-made device for pressing out the bearings is ready for use.

Good idea and well thought out splitting the bolt and wedging a plate in between but the whole thing is unnecessary, simply push the bearing out with a punch and hammer from the other side or if the bearing housing is closed simply fill with grease and paper towelling and using a close fitting punch simply hit punch with hammer to cause a hydraulic effect behind the bearing. If I ever have an occasion where the two methods above won't work I'll consider this. The music was annoying.Cheers Peter

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