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Best Tools to Organize Your Sewing and Quilting Area

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After I've been working on a couple projects for a while, my sewing room begins to get unruly. Tools I've used are still out and not in their proper place. They key to easily cleaning up my sewing room is that I have places close to my machine for all of those small notions and tools to go. In fact, by keeping my organizers near my machine, I can put tools away immediately after I use them. This has made a big difference in the organization of my sewing area!

I wanted to share with you these tools that are helping me stay more organized. When my sewing room is organized, I can think better and can be more creative. You might like to give these a try:

Bobbin Saver
[ссылка удалена]-saver/

Handy Caddy
[ссылка удалена]-tote/

Sterilite 3 Drawer Clear Mini Unit
[ссылка удалена]

Happy Quilting!

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