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Founded in 1999 by Giorgio Bagnara, B.Home Interiors crafts luxury home furnishings using quality leathers sourced from the world of fashion. The bottega epitomizes Italian craftsmanship, with every aspect of its work focusing on the art of living. B.Home Interiors produces more than 500 items in 70 types of leather and color schemes as well as making bespoke items. Having evolved from a family tradition that since 1939 has been active in the research and sale of elegant decorative objects, the workshop’s success is based on a thorough and learned study that combines the passion for the handmade with technical know-how. The ability to reinvent each piece’s dimensions, materials and color scheme has resulted in an eclecticism that responds to the needs of a cosmopolitan clientele. Such an approach has earned the company praise from leading international retailers of home furnishings, tableware and jewelry as well as from designers of boutique hotels and yachts. Excellence, open-mindedness, passion and constant research are what carry B.Home Interiors forward as it continues its never-ending evolution.

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