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Bonsai Handmade | How To Make BonSai HandMade | Turn 40 pink buttons into handmade bonsai tree

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#bonsai handmade # How to make bonsai handmade
In the video I use:
40 Copper wire 0.5mm diameter: 80 cm
40 Pink Buttons

-Should straighten the wire before making it will make the product more beautiful.
- I just gave a reference, not the best way. It is possible to change the wire size to suit your purpose. Can you do better.
-Copper wire can be purchased at motorbike copper wire stores, usually in parts markets, costing 20-30k / 100g. This copper wire has a plating layer so it can be used comfortably without worrying about being black.
-purpose of this video clip is sharing the passion with bonsai handmade.
-Please support this channel by liking and subscribing to the channel.
Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/Bonsai-Handmade-347525449452999/

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