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Bookbinding 101 Sewing Headbands Session 1

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This is a tutorial demonstration of sewn headbands which features "one core with beads in two colors". It's one of the most basic & the easiest, yet pretty style of headbanding. As I had to work very slowly and tried not to cover the work with my hands or fingers for the camera, shooting this video was a bit more tedious than I thought it would be. No wonder there aren't many tutorial videos on sewing headbands on YouTube. Anyway, the speed can be a crucial aspect of how well the end product turns out (consistent speedy motions are important). The core can be unstable especially at the beginning, so don't get frustrated if you don't get a satisfying result the first time. Once you get to the first tagging, you don't even have to hold the core with your hands. Have fun, and thanks for your interest. ~ MHR
P.S. ...Damn it! I did it again.. I misspelled "stabilize" on this video. I'll make sure to check my English more carefully in the future.. (English is my second language..) I'm sorry...

NOTE: As my purpose of creating these tutorial videos is to encourage general population to start getting involved in the bookbinding trade, I always try to demonstrate things with ordinary items as much as possible, so that it doesn't discourage viewers from trying it just because they don't have the particular equipment to do the job. The methods featured on my tutorial videos are very basic and often I have to change a little in order to make it more feasible to the beginners. So it should not reflect the real trade of bookbinding. Yet my instructions are thought through so that the end result will be perfectly decent if you follow them.

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