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DIY: Pants to Shorts (No Sewing)

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DIY Pants to shorts! Here is another one of my no sewing clothing tutorials! Today I'm going to teach you how to transform your pajama pants into shorts! I was inspired by a trick I used to use when I was younger on pants that were too long. Haha I know it might or might not work for you and you might think I'm kooky but this was a fun video to make!

(Please note, looser pants works best) Also, use really big rubber bands to prevent any snapping! As always, if you decide to recreate the look, tell me in the comments or post a picture on my facebook page! Enjoy and good luck being creative.

Instagram: [ссылка удалена]

*I apologize if you had to turn the volume up for this video, i think my camera is slightly broken :(

Thank you to Kathleen who helped me record this one!
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