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Drawing for Adobe Illustrator: Tracing a Stock Photo

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This is the first of our Drawing for Illustrator series using a tablet to start from the initial sketch before we bring it over into Adobe Illustrator. Today we are literally tracing the image. This will be for those who just opened up their tablet and are looking to gain a little more practice getting down your lines. There is a bit of an awkward phase when you get your tablet, especially if you are not using a display tablet such as a Cintiq. I am using a 15 year old Intuos model 3 which would be consistent with a lot of the models under $100 that many beginners would be using.

So before you get too caught up on the tracing aspect, we are really focusing on a few things :)
1. Hand-Eye Coordination: There is an awkward blind contour feeling with the non-display tablets.
2. Zooming In: Building confidence and controlling your brush size. (with a tablet your scale of the actual art changes quite frequently which is a little awkward when starting. )
3. Photo as a Guide: Using a photo reference and pulling away from it as we adjust the opacity down from 50%-33%-16% after each step. I use stock images as a reference or starting point and then move away from the initial image to fit what I am looking for. This will be more obvious when stock images don't match your desired look/design.
4. Thick to thin Model: We are starting with a thick brush as we are zoomed out and we will shrink the brush as we zoom in and get more comfortable and confident with the lines we are drawing. The thicker brush will allow you to see the initial phases as we are fully zoomed out at 100% as well as stay loose. I am very much pro rough draft- so make a mess to understand what the subject is.

Tablet Set Up:
Make sure your tablet drivers have been installed. Please follow their directions for the full install. Make sure you have gone into their Tablet Properties or Settings and turned on All Programs(this is usually the default setting) and tested if you like all the settings. All of my Express Keys, Strips, and Pen Buttons are turned off.

Once you have installed the driver, Photoshop will automatically read your tablet and convert your brushes to pressure once it recognizes your tablet pen on the tablet. There are buttons at the top control panel that you can control with pressure the opacity and flow. Any brush can be used- just click shape dynamics in the brush setting and play around with the control panel brushes. This is all personal preference.

Photoshop Disclaimer: This tutorial can be used in ANY drawing or Sketching program that allows layers. The images used are in the resource folder.

Link To Get Tutorial Resources: [ссылка удалена]-resources/
Full Blog Post: [ссылка удалена]-for-illustrator-from-a-stock-image/

Recommended Viewing:
Use a Phone or Tablet to view the video as a second viewing device. This removes the toggling back and forth on your computer from YouTube to Illustrator. If you are watching on YouTube app the comments are below so you can immediately ask a question if you are stuck. Ask early and often!

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Sharing on Instagram: I am in the process of building up my Instagram to show off more of YOU completing the tutorials. If you are posting content from tutorials:
*include @jason_secrest
*let people know you are going through a tutorial or that you are learning Adobe Illustrator. (This is much less awkward than them finding the tutorial later you took credit for making.)
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*Testimonials are awesome! I would love to include this in the post.

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