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Gift Sewing! Sewing the Dopp Kit or Boxy Bag...by Sew Sew Live

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This week we're all about sewing gifts! And it's five days of gift making! Five days of live streams!

Here's the schedule:

This stream: Dopp Kit/ Boxy Bag (free pattern for Patreon Patrons!) (Patreon link below)

Thursday: One Yard Bias Flapper Apron by Decades of Style and sponsored by them AND Hart's Fabric!

Friday: Oven Mitt and Dish Carriers! Free patterns by me- I drafted all of them and tested them thoroughly- I really wanted an oven mitt that feels secure, not very bulky, and gives me traction! Find these patterns here: [ссылка удалена] These free patterns come with printable pattern pieces and yardage info but no instructions- you'll have to watch the video (hey, they're free!)

Saturday we're sewing my Cupcake and Pie Slice Pincushions (I'll be cutting them too!) You can find this pattern at the same link above and it's only $6!

-Don't forget to subscribe to/follow the Channel. :)
-Don't forget to support me :) if you want to continue to get new content!
-You can support me a few different ways:
Patreon (ongoing donations), Streamlabs (one time donations), Twitch Prime (which is free to you!) (by connecting your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account and subscribing to my channel), or buying my patterns! Follow the links below...
-If you can't support me at the very least watch the ads!
-Click the Bell to receive notifications when I go Live
-Check out the weekly schedule posted by Tuesday on Instagram @SewSewLive
-Visit the website if you want to find a specific garment or project and ALL the videos you need for that project. There's also helpful notes in a concise format.
-Patreon (for ongoing donations): [ссылка удалена]
-Streamlabs (for one-time donations): [ссылка удалена]
-Twitch Prime (How to): [ссылка удалена]-to-use-twitch-prime-subscriptions
-Shop Website: [ссылка удалена]


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