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GTA IV The Crew Ubisoft Trailer Remade [HD 720p]

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First, I'm sorry there are many fail scenes because is just really hard for me and even some scenes are just not even close to the real one, again sorry. Thanks to "Lion" xD because without him I'm not gonna made this project, thanks for your support Lion!!
Shiiiieeeeettt cant wait for GTA V!! its been confirmed for pc right? I hope I can upgrade this crappy pc then I can play GTA V at least have same framerate like GTA IV.
About GTA V I think the minimum sysreq will be like Max Payne 3 since the graphics looks pretty much the same (well not really actually)
which is mean I hope if I cant upgrade this pc I still can play it :D, and GTA V must MUST have video editor just like GTA IV with better options :D

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