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Handmade Shoes by Velasca

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Ever wondered how to make leather shoes?

In this video, we’ll show you how our Velasca leather shoes (oxford model) are made. Our craftsmen are located in the small town of Montegranaro, in the center of Italy, where famous Italian handmade shoes come from.

How does it work?

1) Step One - Clicking: The first step consists of the cutting of the leather used for both the upper and the lining of the shoe. Precision and an expert hand are of paramount importance here as the materials used determine at least half of the quality of a shoe.

2) Step Two – Closing: The leather and the lining of the shoe are then stitched together. Only years of experience can allow craftsmen to make straight stitching lines, as the entire process is made by hand. This phase determines the style of the shoe, being it plain-toe, semi-brogue, full-brogue or other.

3) Step Three - Lasting/Making: In this step, the shoes take their final form depending on the last used. The upper is then stitched together with the mid-sole, and together they are stitched to the welt. This method of construction is called Blake-Rapid that, together with the Goodyear method, it is representative of fine leather shoes.

4) Step Four - Burnishing/Finishing: The shoes go through their final touches. The welt is painted, laces are added, and the shoes are put in a fancy box for selling. These final touches may seem like details, but they often determine the first impression of the final customer.

Filmed & Edited by Ludovico Bertè

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