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Homesteaders's Herbal Companion Giveaway, Nadine West June Clothing Pkg, B'day Mail Call !

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BanDana Gramma Channel: Sharing my attempts to grow and preserve lots of food from my small suburban yard, as well as needlework, crafts, crocheting, cooking, baking, faith, family and fun! My garden includes vegetables, berries and a dozen dwarf fruit trees, some espaliered into a living pickable fence! You can sort through my videos by category by clicking the PLAYLISTS tab at top.

To be notified when I put up a LIVESTREAM or new video, hit that SUBSCRIBE button and click the bell/notification box. There is NO COST to subscribe.

SUPPORT BANDANA GRAMMA CHANNEL: To encourage me and help promote my channel, please subscribe and click the notification bell, leave a comment, share video with friends, and click the thumbs up!

SHARING FAITH: Growing your faith? Be sure to check out the series, MY FAITH JOURNEY, parts 1-8, especially if you are looking for help healing relationships within a marriage or with loved ones. For speaking engagements to Women's Groups use contact information below.

Contact me if you have a product on which you would like me to give my absolutely honest product review, good, bad, or meh!


US MAIL: Suite #622, 1332 Cape St Claire Rd, Annapolis, MD 21409 (I love receiving encouraging cards and letters in snail mail!)

SUPPORT: Easy way to show your support for my channel: [ссылка удалена] You're all my family and friends.

FACEBOOK: Susie Ban Dana

TWITTER: BandanaGramma

LINK TO MY ETSY STORE (handmade aprons, mittens, ponchos, etc) [ссылка удалена]?ref=search_shop_redirect

Link to order LIVING/DINING ON A DIME COOKBOOK (supports my channel with a small %, but you pay no more!):
[ссылка удалена]?referrer=hxr5gl3g2jkks0wsc0

DEALS AND DISCOUNT LINKS I USE! (some give me a few bucks for sharing them, but you pay no more if you use them and get discounts!!)

LINK TO NADINE WEST CLOTHING STYLIST SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE: Please use this referral code when you sign up, and include the dashes. 5HTK-Z3FQ-WYB9. Then type NADINE in the Promo Code and you will get free shipping on your first order. It's so fun to receive clothing picked out by a stylist just for you, and you get a free shipping label to send back anything you don't love.

HOLLAR Great deals from toys to fashion from 50-90% off, starting at $1: I got set of glass bowls with lids for $3 and canning funnels for $1! [ссылка удалена]

Link to EBATES: This really works! Come here first before surfing web shopping links (Kohls, Michaels, Walmart, etc) and you will get % back IN CASH. You can still use all the discounts and coupons from websites. If you sign up with this link both you and I get $10-15 bonus: [ссылка удалена]

Shop Online? Get free coupons and discount codes automatically! They pop up upon checkout on whatever store you are shopping. HONEY just saved me over $100 on a pair of glasses even tho I had researched all the discounts I could fine on my own. SCORE! It's free! Put it on your computer!
[ссылка удалена]

BanDana Gramma's Logo was designed by: COCO NOelle Multimedia Creative Services: [ссылка удалена]

Thanks so much for visiting!

#Nadine West

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