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House of iKons iKonic Kids Fashion Show During London Fashion Week February 2019

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House of iKons
iKonic Kids Fashion show
London Fashion Week February 16-17 2019

Founded by Savita Kaye under Lady K Production the House of iKons successfully draws in fantastic crowds since the launch in 2014.

House of iKons success is based on the unique concept, celebrating the new generation of global fashion talent.

Savita Kaye’s ambition is for House of iKons to be a global brand, known for launching emerging designers. Working with global media partners has enabled House of iKons shows to be aired worldwide to millions of viewers.

In addition to House of iKons DURING London Fashion Week, shows have taken place in Los Angeles, Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Launching in its sixth city Manila, Philipines October 2017.

Designers have been signed to departments stores, boutiques, wardrobe for music videos and working with major celebrities such as JLo, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Paris Hilton, Brtiney Spears, Tyra Banks to name but a few.

House of iKons has been created as a platform to launch emerging designers to the next level. Models and presenters who have taken part with the House of iKons shows here in London, Dubai and Los Angeles have also benefited. Working in TV and film.

As well supporting new emerging fashion creatives, but also supporting emerging music artists giving them a platform to perform and providing exposure via events here in London and abroad.

House of iKons is working with a number of charities and organisations providing internships and work experience in fashion, media, event planning and filming.

CEO Savita Kaye
Lady K production

The House of iKons Trailer and ALL footage is the legal property and the copyright of House of iKons Ltd, UNITED KINGDOM. Unauthorised distribution and editing of this footage is prohibited under copyright law and ownership.

Media Team:
Head of Media: March Joseph Rosales
Crew Member:
Vic Rivero
O'neil Bryant
Jary Villanueva
Miss Xiarm ivia everitt

Music Credit to

Music Info: Fashionable by AShamaluevMusic
Music Link: [ссылка удалена]

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More Background Music for FREE DOWNLOAD:
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