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How Gameplay Loops Keep You Playing

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The Architect isn't the only person out there with a steadily growing backlog of games that's impossible to ever finish- and despite that, they still go back to the same old games time and time again, but what makes a game compelling, and what makes us get bored of a title long before we've finished it?

The answer, is gameplay loops, a foundational game design trick designed to keep you playing for longer, but that's not always a good thing.

You Saw:

Starcraft 2 - 2010
Frostpunk- 2018
Astroneer- 2019
Grim Dawn- 2016
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided- 2016
Steamworld Dig 2- 2017
Transistor- 2014
Hades- Early Access
Destiny 2- 2017
Steamworld Quest- 2019
Wandersong- 2018
Pyre- 2017
Super Mario 64- 1996
Doom- 1993
DOOM- 2016
New Super Luigi Bros U- 2014
A Hat in Time- 2017
Jamestown- 2011
Furi- 2016
Bayonetta- 2009
Total Warhammer 2- 2017
Final Fantasy 6- 1996
Dark Souls- 2012
Sunless Skies- 2019
The Hex- 2018
Far Cry 3- 2012
The Lenged of Zelda: Breath of the Wild- 2016
Far Cry 5- 2018
Super Paper Mario- 2007
Pokemon Ultra Sun- 2017
Pokemon Fire Red- 2004
Pikmin- 2001
Factorio- Early Access (technically)
Devil Daggers- 2016
Bad Rats- 2007
Clash Royale- 2016
Candy Crush- 2012
Bejeweled 3- 2010
Sonic Adventure 2- 2001
Rimworld- 2016
Her Story- 2016
Ai War 2- 2019

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