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How Often Should You Wear Cowboy Boots?

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People have differing opinions when it comes to how often you should wear a pair of cowboy boots. That's what I talk about today.


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About Jeremiah Craig
I love telling stories with my music and folk ballads are my passion. This is why I call myself a Balladeer. I’ve included many story elements in my songs since the beginning of my songwriting career in the Rochester, NY area. Then I continued my journey in Phoenix, Seattle, and currently in Boston. In 2004 I made my musical debut with the band Bluegrass Tuesday. In 2006 I formed an original rock/jazz jam band, Jack Swift, who in 2009, went on the “You Don’t Know Jack Tour Spectacular” across five states. I started my solo career in 2011 with my first full-length album, Gardener Hands. I have released 6 albums and several singles and I continue to document my music with video content and I also recently started making videos about cowboy boots!

Listen to my recordings and check out upcoming shows to get a better sense of me as a singer/songwriter.

#CowboyBoots #WesternBoots #Boots

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