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How To Adjust Tensions on a Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine-Car Upholstery

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This video intends a way to make us understand how tensions could be adjusted on an industrial sewing machine.
I consider this topic of great importance because from it depends to get a nice sewing on an upholstery project.
By doing this procedure well, we will get balanced plain closing sewings. Besides, nice stitches on top view if referring to top decorative stitches (french stitches and over stitches)
For this demonstration, I have used the standard upholstery thread (polyester N°92) and a needle 120 (metric system=20 (Singer system) If we need to do sewings with a thicker thread it would be advisable to change the needle for a thicker one. Tensions must need a readjustment to get a balanced sewing.
I hope you find this information useful!


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