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How To Build an Exotic Set Neck Guitar - The Silky Oak Build Ep. 5

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Welcome to Crimson Guitars and the fifth episode in The Silky Oak Build Series.

With a guitar as gorgeous as this, who needs a standard, boring backplate??? Next stop - shiny, shiny finish!

As well as all the fun and antics that April and Matt brought to our brand new teaching facilities, April also introduced Ben to the wonders of ISOtunes hearing protection, Bluetooth earbuds. Gone are the days when Ben would struggle to listen to his favourite podcast of the month through the tinny speakers of his phone. Now, not only is he protecting his hearing, but he will also never miss another word or refrain because of machine noise. Bonus - he is no longer annoying this editor who spends way too much time fixing the audio as it is...

Thank you to ISOtunes for partnering with us for this project. We'd like to take this opportunity to share a coupon code with you that will take £10 off any purchase of a set of ISOtunes Headphones.
The code is Crimson10, but hurry, it expires November 23rd!

Stay awesome and keep making sawdust!

We'd like to thank our partners for helping to make this video series possible:
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