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How To Download Wallpapers from Entire Website (Neo Downloader)

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NeoDownloader Full Version 2.9.5 Build191

-- About NeoDownloader: --
NeoDownloader is the fast and convenient solution for bulk downloading any files from any websites. It is mostly intended to help you download and view thousands of your favorite pictures, photos, wallpapers, videos, mp3s, and any other files automatically.
Just specify a link (URL) and choose what you want: download from one web page, download a single image gallery, download multiple galleries, download entire website, download from tgp site, and this fully automatic batch downloader will do the rest.
NeoDownloader Awards
Or simply drag-and-drop links from your browser to the NeoDownloader's floating basket, so you can download all the images from a website with a few mouse clicks!
Its built-in image viewer and media player allow you to immediately view all the files you download, and even watch them as a slide show.
NeoDownloader comes with a big online database of ready-to-download projects: thousands of various wallpapers, high-quality pictures of celebrities and beautiful girls, artwork by famous artists and photographers, funny pictures and animated GIFs, and much more!

-- Features NeoDownloader:--

Easy to use even for beginners, no pop-ups or banners.
Downloads your choice of image, audio, video, and any other files.
Downloads URL ranges (fusker links like [ссылка удалена][1-16].jpg).
Downloads list of URLs - you can specify any amount of URLs.
Downloads from almost any sites, including TGP and password protected sites.
Advanced filtering - allows you to download only those that you want and to avoid unwanted content.
Allows up to 20 simultaneous connections.
Includes built-in image viewer with slideshow capabilities and audio/video player.
Supports ZIP/RAR archives.
and much more!

-- FILE INFO: --

Size: 3,590 KB - 3.50 MB (3,675,165 bytes)
Name: NeoDownloader v2.9.5.(Build.191)
Format: .zip
Activation Type: Preactivated

-- Download Link: --

[ссылка удалена]


[ссылка удалена]

-- by: --



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