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How to Make A Gift Flower | Easy Flowers Making | Handmade Gift Ideas : DIY Paper Crafts

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Sometimes paper flowers are better than real ones because they last longer and do not need maintenance. They are also great decorations for house parties. Today let's celebrate with flower craft, these paper gifts flower make everything better. All you need is some colorful paper to spread tons of happiness. There is one thing that everybody loves, and it is flowers. They make an amazing gift, and the ones that live forever are even more special. The best part about paper flowers is that they are both inexpensive and easy to make. Combining cheerfulness of flowers and a personal touch, here we are with one exciting ideas to make a paper flower craft.

* 8 cm square paper - 5 nos
* Small paper strips - 10 nos
* 21 × 6 cm paper sheet - 2 nos
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Glue

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