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How to Make Handmade Gel Candles - Lotus Shaped Candel for Table Decoration

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DIY Gel Candles: Learn how to make candles with this excellent video on candle decoration craft from Crafting Hours.

Through this video, you can make a lovely lotus shaped candle for table decoration.

For that you need waste plastic spoons, candle gel, glass jar, decorative material, spray paint, and candle wick.

Just follow the stepwise procedure shown in the video to make a beautiful gel candle surrounded by a red lotus flower.

You will simply fall in love with this candle decoration craft which can be used for any candle holder decoration at home.

Soon you will be able to make your own gel candles and decorate them as per your wish.

This can also be one of the best Diwali decoration ideas which will add a stunning charm to your overall lighting on the festival!

So, without any further adieu, start this DIY Candle making activity now!

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