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How to make Handmade Lemongrass Soap

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Make Natural Soap with Lemongrass Essential Oil

This simple recipe for handmade lemongrass soap requires only four main oils, natural pigment in the form of oxides, essential oil, and a few other ingredients and materials. It's also a palm-free soap recipe so you can rest assured that the ingredients are as ethical as possible.

Making cold-process soap is quick but there is a cure time of four weeks before you can use the bars. During that curing time, the extra water from the recipe evaporates out, creating hard and long-lasting bars.

More details on this recipe and links to get ingredients: [ссылка удалена]-natural-lemongrass-soap/

RECIPE UPDATE -- in the video, the amount of water in oz shown in text is incorrect. It's not a big deal and you can still make the soap with that amount of water. It's best to use 196g / 7 oz though

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