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How to Read a Sewing Pattern with Liesl Gibson I Creativebug

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Sewing patterns are often a mysterious language unto themselves -- but Liesl Gibson is here to demystify the process.

Click to watch more classes with Liesl : http://www.creativebug.com/instructors/liesl-gibson

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About this class:
Liesl previously formerly worked as a designer at Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and now designs sewing patterns for her company, Oliver + S, as well as the Lisette line of patterns that is carried at Jo-Ann stores nationwide. This class is chock full of tips and best practices so you will be set up to start sewing for yourself!

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About Creativebug:
Our Creativebug channel brings you inspiration and know-how to realize your creative potential. Experience the pride and satisfaction of making something by hand, through hundreds of videos featuring top designers and artists.

In this class Liesl explains all the components of sewing patterns, including: "Click show more"
@0:22 reading the pattern envelope
@ 3:36 taking accurate measurements
@6:53 fabric recommendations
@10:54 understanding the guide sheet
@15:26 working with pattern pieces
@21:38 layout and cutting

How to Read a Sewing Pattern with Liesl Gibson I Creativebug

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