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How to sew a blind hem stitch on your home sewing machine | Craftsy Sewing with Angela Wolf

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Learn how to sew a blind hem stitch using a machine foot you already own! In this clip, Angela shows you how to align and sew your hem for a no-show finish. Then, see even more sewing and tailoring tips at [ссылка удалена] and learn about Angela Wolf's online sewing class, Tailoring Ready-to-Wear!

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About Tailoring Ready-to-Wear:
Ready-to-wear shouldn't be "ready-to-swear." Learn to make your own alterations to store-bought clothing, including lengthening and shortening hems, altering waistbands, replacing zippers, tapering tops and more. After Angela shows you how to alter garments like a pro, your friends will inevitably start asking where you buy your clothes.

Avoid expensive alteration fees -- you can fashion your own tailored wardrobe. Enroll today in Tailoring Ready-to-Wear.

About Angela Wolf:
Angela Wolf is the owner of ABO Apparel, a custom apparel business. She is the "Couture Sewing Expert" on the PBS series It's Sew Easy and is a contributor to Threads and SewStylish magazines as well as [ссылка удалена] Recently, she launched her own ready-to-wear collection, wrote the book How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Business (available December 4, 2012) and was voted 2012 Teacher of the Year by the American Sewing Expo.

About Craftsy
Craftsy is an online crafting community of more than 10 million passionate makers, where you can access online video classes, supplies, patterns, and endless inspiration.

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