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Huntsman & Sons In New York City | Kirby Allison

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Kirby Allison explores how for the first time in history, a Savile Row Tailors is opening a full time shop and cutting room in America. No longer will clients only need to commission a suit by visiting London 3-4 times a year! The new shop is located at 130W. 57th Street in New York City.

Join Kirby Allison on this journey as he is led through the entire bespoke process by Ed Turco, managing director of Huntsman New York, and Ralph Fitzgerald, the London born head cutter. Ralph spent the best part of 10 years training with the rest of the Savile Row team, learning directly from co-head cutters Dario Carnera and Campbell Carey in London.

In 2016 Huntsman and Sons became the first Savile Row tailor to take up permanent residence in New York. Accessible only by appointment, their studio offers a sartorial home from home for those in the know. Bespoke specialists are on hand to advise on fabrics or assist with choices from their ready to wear collection. Or book an appointment with their Savile Row-trained cutter for measurements and fittings. Every bespoke garment then returns to London, to be handmade by their expert team of tailors.

Get In Touch With Huntsman: [ссылка удалена]-shows/

Shop With Kirby: [ссылка удалена]

London Savile Row Walking Tour [ссылка удалена]?v=fgCDHWI-xYo
The Real Kingsman Tailors

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