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Industrial Fur and Sheepskin Sewing Machine. How to Sew on Fur Sewing Machine

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In this video you will see how to sew fur on industrial fur and sheepskin sewing machine. More information about fur sewing machine sees: [ссылка удалена]-the-fur-and-sheepskin-sewing-[ссылка удалена] and [ссылка удалена]-fur-and-sheepskin-sewing-[ссылка удалена]
How do you thread a sewing machine with a fur? How do you sew sheepskin? How do you sew a hide? You will find pro answers to these questions in this video and in the articles of our website.
This video describes sewing technique for whipstitch, cup feed fur sewing machines.
The fur sewing machine sews medium to heavy weight furs, sheepskin and suede.
The principle of working fur sewing machine involves sewing a chain stitch using a one thread. The thread from coil is inserted into a needle eye. A looper grabs a needle thread to make a chain stitch. The cover stitch goes along stacked furs skin edges.
Any fur sewing machine has two feed discs (analog of a flat feed dog and a presser foot). To install two furs skins between these discs, you need move the front disc towards you.

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