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Instructions for sewing a dress

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[ссылка удалена] ¦ Enough of the theory, now we sew a whole dress with your bernette sewing machine! In the tutorial video we show you every step in detail. The sewing pattern, written sewing instructions, and detailed photos can be found on [ссылка удалена]
Let's start by cutting the fabric according to the pattern and neatening the edges, then we iron the seam allowances, sew the individual parts of the dress together, attach a zipper and a pocket. The sleeves are sewn in, the hem of the skirt is serged, the seam allowance is ironed and topstitched, and then your new handmade dress is ready to wear!
If you want to embroider the top pieces of the dress, this must be done right before cutting. For more information, see the sewing instructions on our website.

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