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Janome Memory Craft 15000 Embroidery Sewing Machine Has Arrived!!

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[ссылка удалена]
I love my new Janome Memory Craft 15000! It has a much bigger screen than the previous Janome models and even the screen savers are all sewing related pictures. The screen on the Janome 15000 is a touch screen and as soon as you touch the screen the sewing machine lights up everywhere. It even includes a bonus flip-out light, which is directly over your sewing area, but the light can also be adjusted to wherever you need it. It has a wonderful automatic needle threader as well. However, before you can use the needle threader you need to lock out the machine, then it's just push the button! I Iove that the Janome 15000 comes with a nice large table that fits around the machine plus the top lid flips open to display all the available built in stitches. There's also a great sewing accessory box with 3 layers of organized storage that includes your walking foot, quarter inch foot, quilting foot and many other standard sewing accessories.
Converting the Janome 15000 into an embroidery machine is really quite simple. It has a very long embroidery arm to accommodate very large embroidery designs.
The 15000 also comes with a cool stylus pen to use with your touch screen, which helps eliminate fingerprints. There are very large embroidery designs built within, which comes with assorted embroidery hoops. You can also edit the built in embroidery designs! You can move it around, copy it, size it, duplicate it, flip it and more. The available alphabet comes in many different fonts, which can also be arced and customized. Your customized embroidery designs can be stored on a memory stick or within the machine on a memory file folder. The new thing about the Janome 15000 is that it is also Wifi friendly!!
You can get more info on the Janome Memory Craft 15000 at [ссылка удалена]-memory-craft-15000

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