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JAW Leather Goods handmade leather knife roll - how its made

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make hand crafted leather knife rolls for chefs. This is a look into the process that goes into making the rolls. This is a (heavily edited) start to finish making of a knife roll. It starts after the leather is cut, as this would have made the video far too long. Enjoy! The rolls are made using Horween Chromexcel leathers, in black or brown and are available at JAWLeatherGoods.com. Please support small artisan craftsman instead of big companies peddling factory made garbage as "high-end" leather goods. You can find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/jawleathergoods, and subscribe to my blog at JAWLeather.wordpress.com. I also make a whole line of leather accessories including wallets, and bags. I also take custom orders! You can reach me at JAWLeatherGoods@gmail.com

Music credits: First song - Trans Am - the dark gift (off of The Red LIne)
Second Song - Lies and Deceit - Blackout

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