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Lauren's Guide to non-maternity sewing patterns for a handmade pregnancy wardrobe

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In this weeks post I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been sewing and wearing during this pregnancy. I’ll focus mainly on non-maternity specific sewing patterns that, for me, are versatile enough to still accommodate my changing size without any adjustments to the pattern.
In my last pregnancy I made quite a few maternity specific things and although I did wear them during my pregnancy, I really didn’t feel like wearing them afterwards, which kinda seemed a shame. So my thinking is that if they are not maternity specific patterns then I’ll get more wear out of the garments long term. I could be getting it all wrong, and still not want to wear them afterwards anyway - I’ll let you know when I get there!

Follow this link to my blog post for this video where you can find links to all the patterns that I mention.
https://guthrie-[ссылка удалена]-guide-to-non-maternity-sewing-patterns-for-a-handmade-pregnancy-wardrobe

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