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LOL Surprise Series 3 Wave 2 Pharaoh Babe DIY, How to make Theatre Club Pharaoh Babe

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Hi friends! Our LOL surprise Unicorn DIY was such a success that we want to make another DIY. Today we will show you how to make LOL surprise wave 2 Pharaoh Babe from the theatre club.

Here are the supply I used for this DIY project, and most of these can be purchased at Michaels or craft store.

~LOL doll, pranksta
~Sugar's gold shoe
~paint palet
~Deco Art - Acrylic paint Splendid Gold
~Crafts Smart - Acrylic paint Black
~Crafts Smart - Acrylic paint white
~Sharpie paint pen- water base in turquoise
~Crafts smart paint pen - oil base in black and dark blue
~Gel nail colors
~UV lamp

If you want to see our LOL Surprise DIY, click on the links below
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CookieSwirlC Custom LOL Surprise Doll DIY L.O.L Surprise Seires 2 Shorty
[ссылка удалена]

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