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Looking For An INEXPENSIVE Sewing Machine?

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You wanna tailor your own clothes and you need a sewing machine? Awesome! Finding a good sewing machine can be tough. Well luckily you have two options, both of which have their pros and cons. You can get a new one from Target or on Amazon, and the pros of that are they're new and should come will all the parts you need like the instruction manual and extra accessories. The downside is they are cheaply made now.

You can also go the used route, and check thrift stores, Goodwill, and estate sales. A HUGE pro of that is you can probably find one for free if you look hard enough. A downside to getting a used one is that they are like used cars, they can be well maintained or not. If you get one that was cared for then you're in luck, but if you get one that has been sitting on a shelf for decades than it might not be cost effective because it can cost a lot of money to tune it up if it needs it.

As far as brands go, Singer and Brother are the two go to's, as they've been making sewing machines for over a century.There's other brands as well like Viking, Kenmore, and what I use Necchi.


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