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Make a Simple Plexiglass Acrylic Window For Shop or Home Ideas

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In this Video I show the simple steps on how to frame an Acrylic ( Plexiglass) window . You can use this technique for home/ garage , shed or any place that you need a strong clear window that will not shatter or break like glass. This video shows the mounting of the window and leaves out the basic framing , as most people can do that already. Check out my future videos as I will show the finished interior wall and how the wood will look on it!
Make sure that you mark or draw a picture of your radiant tube layout BEFORE drilling your holes for the anchors ! My tubes are actually 11 inches down from concrete surface, so I don't need to worry about drilling into them. Another benefit of having a Thermal Mass sand base .
As always , thanks for watching and please hit the Like button if this helps!

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