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Matzah Bakery Visit (-complete version) Handmade, Shmurah, Chabad, in Crown Heights 2009.

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Got Matzah?! Order yours! Call: 718-778-7914 Email: MatzohBakery@aol.com Fax: 718-773-5933
Our family helped bake our own Matzah this year, in Crown Hts. at the Matzah Bakery.
This is the long version - (see short version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ns4QE8bfZU). - This video follows the baking process of the handmade, Shmurah Matzah.
See how the flour and water join from separate rooms (!), watch the speed kneader knead the dough and form it into a snake-like figure, follow the little (raw) Matzah Ball as it is rolled into a nice, round shape, then poked with thousands of little air holes and whisked into the burning furnace, only to emerge seconds later as a holy, crunchy Matzah for the special Pesach Mitzvah!
This handmade, Shmurah Matzah is the optimal Matzah to be eaten during Pesach / Passover, vs. the machine made Matzah which should only be eaten as a last resort.
If you cannot get enough for the whole Pesach try to have this Matzah at least for the Pesach Seder.
Please see my website TAG613.org. In the Publications area you can order my "Pesach Guide" - a text/workbook about the story, customs and laws of Pesach! You can see sample pages there, along with other Holiday books, a transliterated Siddur & CDs!
Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky

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