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Metallic colors painting with colander - shiny fluid art painting

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Today we paint a picture with shiny metallic colors and a sieve. Your friends will never guess how the picture was made. It creates a great effect that is not possible otherwise!

The nice thing about this painting technique is that you can use things that you probably already have in the household, in this case a sieve for the kitchen. But you do not have to buy a new sieve you can wash the color well afterwards.

For the acrylic paints, this time I opted for metallic paints, unfortunately, not all colors got through as clearly as I had hoped. It should be thinned a bit more because metallic colors are slightly thicker in consistency.
What is practical about Metallic colors, you do not have to seal the picture at the end because the colors do not dry matt.

I hope you like the technique? Try it out with your favorite colors, but I would not use too many shades because they mix a lot under the sieve.

If you liked the idea, I look forward to a thumbs up or a nice comment!

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