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Michael's & Tuesday Morning Craft Supply Haul 3/31/19

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So many cute craft supplies were hauled today! We went to Tuesday Morning and Michael's and found a TON of really great supplies at crazy sale prices!

In my free time, I really enjoy paper crafting. Yes, I craft when I am not crafting for my business! Card crafting is something that I really love and it is so rewarding when you give a beautiful card to someone and they get so much enjoyment out of it! I also save every card that I have ever been given to me even if they are not handmade! Scrapbooking is also so fun! It's something I can create for myself and family where we can look back on cherished memories and smile! With my very forgetful memory, my albums are my most valuable possessions!

I mentioned one of my besties, Sharon from Desert Bloom Boutique in the video, and here is her website! Definitely check her amazing products out! She is so talented and is a wonderful human being! Tell her I sent ya!
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Her instagram is @desertbloombtq

Thanks for watching and let me know in the comments below if you loved this video!!


Heather K.
Instagram: @ProjectPinup
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