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New 2019 Vintage Spring Junk Journal Flip Through : Spreading Beauty

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Vintage Spring Junk Journal Flip Through
Hello my dear YouTube friends. Hope you will find this episode to be fun and inspiring. This sweety is my tangerine dream. I have nick named her Dream-sickle because she is just so yummy. She reminds me of Sorbet ice cream. I don’t usually like to use orange in my art but this fabric inspired me to use just enough to put a punch of color that just screams fun. Hope you love her too. Please let me know in the comments below and give me a ????thumbs up.
Also, if you are a subscriber I want to thank you for encouraging me in this wonderful journey of creating this fun loving art and sharing it with you. If you have not subscribed yet consider doing so and come along with me in this journey. Love you so much Love you so much !???????????????????? See you in the next one.

????If you would like to contact me please let me know below or use the conversation tool on my etsy: [ссылка удалена]

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Music: Voyage
Musician: @iksonofficial

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