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Original Black Stig Makes a comeback - Secret BBC Top Gear clip leaked?

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When the new format of BBC Top Gear was launched back in 2002, "The Stig" was originally dressed in black, with his identity kept a secret., but later that year former Formula 1 driver, Perry McCarthy outed himself as The Stig in his autobiography, "Flat Out ,Flat Broke" . "Black Stig" was killed off by driving a highly tuned Jaguar XJS off the flight deck of HMS Invincible.

"White Stig" was introduced in series 3, and his identity remained a relative secret until early 2008, when the racing driver Ben Collins was strongly linked with the role. In January 2009, it was confirmed that Collins was indeed "The Stig"

In keeping with tradition, and with the leaking of this video, it is now expected that White Stig will be killed off, allowing for a return of Black Stig - although it is doubted that Perry McCarthy will be under the overalls.

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