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Personalized Handmade Dollhouse book - handmade by Petra Radic, My Felting Dreams

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#quietbook #dollhouse
Autor: Petra Radic, My Felting Dreams - Unique Handmade Quiet Books, Personalized Kids Toys & Room Decor
*** CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE - The book can be adaptable according to child preferences
For orders or inquiries please fill free to contact me by e-mail, Facebook page, Instagram, or fill the website Inquiry form.
► e-mail: myfeltingdreams@gmail.com
► Website: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic
► Facebook: @myfeltingdreams
► Instagram: @quietbook_myfeltingdreams
► Quiet Book INQUIRY FORM: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/contact
► HOW TO MAKE A CUSTOM ORDER: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/how-to-order
Create your own book by selecting:
► Choose ACTIVITY PAGES: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/quiet-book-catalog-pages
► Choose the design for the COVER PAGE: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/quiet-book-covers
Dimensions of the book are 9x9 inches (23x23 cm). Binding is permanent (made by sewing). Each page is soft-filled activity board.
Activity pages in the Dollhouse book:
Page 1: Personalized Front Cover Page, Cover Page Design: No.13 (Dollhouse) https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/quiet-book-covers
Page 2 & 3: 015 - Dollhouse: Bedroom - double page,
Page 4 & 5: 016 - Dollhouse: Laundry room - double page,
Page 6 & 7: 017 - Dollhouse: Bathroom - double page,
Page 8 & 9: 018 - Dollhouse: Kitchen - double page,
Page 10 & 11: Dollhouse: Garden - double page,
Page 12: Back Cover Page: 066 - Flowers in the pot
Audio Library Free Music _Sand Castles by The Green Orbs_ part of the YouTube Audio Library https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music
Artist: The Green Orbs - https://goo.gl/eUdD8z
Genre: Children's - https://goo.gl/IAfOQt
Mood: Romantic - https://goo.gl/YgchnG
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