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Ranga pen. The Making of a Traditional Handmade Indian Ebonite pen.

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This video was shot on the 3rd of October, 2015 at Ranga and Co.
Mr. M.S. Pandurangan, the owner and the sole pen maker at Ranga and Co. Thiruvallur has been hand making pens using the traditional tools and techniques for more than 45years now. He is the only pen artisan in India still laboriously and masterfully hand chasing all the threads on the pen, quite similar to a technique followed by some Japanese artisans as well. The technique of free hand pen shaping using hand tools and hand chasing the threads requires years of practice. The technique followed by Mr. Pandurangan is all the more challenging since the pen remains axially stationary and he has to manually advance his hand chasing tool in rhythm with the thread's pitch. It is like an intricate classical dance. I hope the viewers enjoy the video. -Hari317

The last frame of the video has the contact information, so pls watch till the end.

Ranga pens now have a website that you may visit for more information.

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