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reupholstering a free couch - no electricity or sewing!

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you don't need to know how to sew or have expensive tools to reupholster. i used multiple fabrics from discount stores (about $25 total) to reupholster a very nice old couch i picked up for a different job but never used.

the only tools used were a painter's scraper, a razor, scissors, a staple gun and a hammer. oh, and occasionally a pair of needle nose pliers. no power tools.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: i used a sewing machine to make the throw pillows out of cut-offs).

this is not a perfectionist's reupholstery job, but great for furniture shoppers above thrift shopping and below boutique stores. a much better alternative than a new, cheaply-made import sofa. the price - and style - reflects that.

i made this couch for display in my new store location @ decor, 87 state street, north haven ct. but it is for sale, too ;-)

be good,

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