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Sewing hacks - how to easily make a narrow hem on lightweight fabric with a ban roll

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This is a quick sewing tutorial on how to easily make a narrow hem on lightweight fabric with a ban roll.
If you do not quite understand how I speak (sorry about that) check out my written tutorial on my blog, here is the link [ссылка удалена]-hem-tutorial/
I write better then I speak so I guess it's better for you to READ then to listen.
This is one of the really awesome sewing tricks - learn how to sew a narrow hem (easy even on chiffon) using a ban roll tape, how to sew a rolled hem on chiffon without a special rolled hem foot.
What exactly is this Ban Roll?
It is a kind of waistband interfacing tape which is very stiff (looks like highly starched) that won’t curl or roll and is crush-proof. They say that it’s made of 58% nylon/ 17% rayon/ 15% polyester/ 10% thermoplastic resin but it’s woven quite loosely. It’s mostly used in sewing waistbands to make them rigid and keep their shape. The width of the tape can vary. You can see very clearly threads that form the tape interlacing to one another at right angles. The threads can be easily peeled away to make a frayed edge that will be pulled out after stitching.

Where to buy the Ban Roll tape?
I never saw it in small local sewing shops, I bought mine in a Canadian store – Fabricland – but after that I found it on Amazon. I am pretty sure you will need it if you sew garments from silk. It will revolutionize your sewing skills.

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