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Sewing Machine Problems: Thread Bunching On Underside Of Fabric & Unjamming

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Click here for updated video with English dialogue - [ссылка удалена]?v=SgHxs6ukadM

In this video we'll show a common issue of missing the take up lever while threading a sewing machine. From there, we'll show you how to remove a front-loading hook and unjam the thread.


A couple tips to keep in mind:

Always turn the handwheel towards you. At 2:25 we do this to insure the hook is re-installed properly.

Always try to sink your needle before sewing (Unless your stitch has already been started.)

We'll be showing how to clean/oil a machine like this in an upcoming video, we know it's dirty :)

This machine is working great, we're not sure why it looks as though the display is flickering (Must be something with our camera.)

We don't recommend jamming your machine on purpose.

Music: [ссылка удалена]-free-music

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