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SFM/FNAF| Amusement For The Wicked | Just Gold remix - ForceBore

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I have really mixed feelings about this animation. At one point I wanted to make it really random, but then I wanted give it some story. As well I wanted to give this nostalgic feel to the animation, because the song is old and well known. So a lot of talking to a camera was intended and I will understand if you won't like it. I could've continue or "expand" the thought of this animation in another song, buuuut I really do not know if people will like it. It's... not bad, but definitely not what people would wait from me. I still like the song nonetheless. If you want to hear it, it's on SoundCloud - [ссылка удалена]-me-rapptor-remix?in=user-343523435/sets/follow-me-raptor (it's a remix of a fnaf song)

Why I used Glitchtrap / Malhare / SpringBonnie Man with Face Flexes?
- So the animation wouldn't look boring.
- I have intended to commission the model, specifically for this animation.
- Glitchtrap being "the Virus", can do many things. He can bend, glitch out, change appearance. So the argument "it's a costume" doesn't apply here.
- I love to animate face flexes? + I really do not care if it's cannon or not. I am animating for my own entertainment and if you like it as well, then you are welcome to watch it!

Special thanks to:
MinifigJoeSFM - For providing W.I.P. stage FNAF VR map
RiseOfLion - For re-porting Glitchtrap with additional bones
And CREDITS to this guy, for making a pixel art of Glitchtrap! - [ссылка удалена]-Pixel-Art-803746049

I WILL ANIMATE BEHIND THE MASK! I am just waiting for some things to be done. Then I will continue it! Next 2 weeks I will be away and I'll probably will work on Afton Family's story. I have one song, which I really want to animate! (I hope my will to animate it won't disappear and I won't change my mind on it lol)

◆ My Social Media / Sites ◆
●Steam: [ссылка удалена]
●Twitch: [ссылка удалена]
●DA: [ссылка удалена]
●VK: [ссылка удалена]
●I DO NOT own any groups anymore, so please, be careful for fake ones!!!

■REMIXE USED IN THE VIDEO■ by ForceBore - [ссылка удалена]

■ORIGINAL SONG■ by Mando Pony - [ссылка удалена]

■Intro song■ Example - Perfect Replacement - [ссылка удалена]

■Outro song■ Ahxello - Forever

All models and stuff DON'T belong to me even the music, only my efforts in this animation!

■Models■ by:
Tape Girl - Private model of mine
Glitchtrap - Port from the game and private port by Riseoflion
Springtrap - Port from the game / model edit was done by Spinofan, DaMikel, TFCraft Productions, Coolioarts, Hace, Vince
Springbonnie - Failz
Crying kids - Coolioart
Purple guy - Mr. Gecko
Night Guard - Victor Lazo
Freddy, Chica, Foxy, Bonnie, Golden freddy, Plushtrap, Nightmare Fredbear, Baby, Nightmare marionette, Phantom Foxy / Mangle Chica, Puppet - Ports from the game (FNAF VR: Help Wanted)
Phantom freddy - TMG corporation

■ In intro / outro ■ Plushy / organic (anthro) Nightmerinas (Bears) - CortezAnimations
Pokemon version (Weesnaaw) - SammyTFM

W.I.P. Fnaf VR map by MinifigJoeSFM
■NOTE■ - Some scenes I was building from props!

■DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!■ You can do something creative out of it. If you want to use it full then please contact me on YouTube.

■PROGRAMS■ I used:
SFM Source Filmmaker
Paint tool sai for redoing pictures
Vegas Pro 16 Edit Steam Edition for montage all parts together

THIS WAS MADE IN 23 DAYS (~155 hours in total)

#SFM #XboxGamerK #Animations

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