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Simple Rakhi's | How to make Rakhi's at Home | Easy Rakhi making Ideas | Kid's Crafts

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Simple Rakhi's | How to make Rakhi's at Home | Easy Rakhi making Ideas | Kid's Crafts
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Hai Viewers,

Welcome to our YouTube Channel ' Shine with Shameem '.
We will post all types of Videos here. Like,

* Home decoration, best out of waste ( Old bangles, waste Wool, Plastic bottles, Match box, Broken Cups, Plastic Spoons, Ice cream sticks, Match boxes and Sticks, Hairbands, Pots, Card board and all waste Materials).

* Kids Crafts, Newspapers Craft, Easy DIY, Art and Craft, Painting, Bangles Craft etc., You can find here step by step tutorial for all of D.I.Y. Projects.

* Simple and Easy Mehndi, Jewellery Mehndi, Henna Tattoos, Fullhand / Bridal Mehndi, Arabic/ Unique Mehndi, Rajasthani Mehndi, Flower & New year special Mehndi Designs & All Occasion Special Mehndi Designs.

* Cutting and Stitching, Reuse of old clothes, Pouches, Handmade handbags, Purses, Cluches, Doormats, Table mats, Dresses, Blouses etc.,

* Our Some Videos have to refine our mind and exercise our Mind with Brain food that is Puzzles & Mind Games.

We hope you can find some useful things for yourself.
Please watch Our Videos , Hit the Like button & don't forget to SUBSCRIBE...

Have a Great Day...

Thank you so much...

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