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Spleeter - Desktop app download install (Windows 10)

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Spleeter is a Music Source Separation utility that can split a song in to it's separate parts.
This can be useful for restoring old vinyl recordings or cutting samples for remixing.
Audio bandwidth is addressed here [ссылка удалена]#issuecomment-548798493

After much delay and trying every kind of way to make this a simple process i ended up enlisting the help of a python guru (Thanks Grant!) to make a portable version of spleeter.

Just download the zip, extract it and run SpleeterGui
[ссылка удалена]?id=1a4hGYrezNzjjc_CGfRMWOoPBnf7vuBdL

I tried to upload this desktop app project to github but the tensorflow files are larger than the permitted limits.

Spleeter is a Python3 Application that uses TensorFlow and [ссылка удалена] with a bunch of other python packages.
Because of this, there's no easy way to install it. Also, once all the appropriate packages are installed the install folder balloons out to around 3GB so the easiest way to get up an running with this project was to include everything you need to run the thing out of the box.

I am not affiliated with deezer or spleeter, for more information on the original project go here
[ссылка удалена]

If you would like to install spleeter native without using my desktop version here are the steps...
1: install Python3.7 (it's available in Windows Store)
2: go to [[ссылка удалена]] and install the windows version of ffmpeg, dont't forget to add the environment "path" variable to ffmpeg's location.
3: open a command window, create and go to a simple directory like c:\spleeter and type the following line
python -m pip install spleeter
4: copy an mp3 to that folder and type the following line (replace [ссылка удалена]3 with your own file)
python -m spleeter separate -i [ссылка удалена]3 -o output

Congrats, you just ran spleeter :)
To get more separation like 4 or 5 stems, use these commands
python -m spleeter separate -i [ссылка удалена]3 -o output -p spleeter:4stems
python -m spleeter separate -i [ссылка удалена]3 -o output -p spleeter:5stems

Sorry Mac users, there's no easy way to run it (maybe parallels). try [ссылка удалена] or [ссылка удалена]la-[ссылка удалена]

Spleeter works best with an recent NVidia graphics card with lots of CUDA cores.
If no NVidia card you will be able to run it in CPU mode but results will vary.

Background music: Ikson - Stardust
Some people don't like background music, i do, so there's background music :)

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